• TeaBrew Filters


    Made from sustainably harvested wood pulp, these single-use filters are 100% biodegradable and made in Canada. Available in a pack of 20 or 100 filters, good for single cups or 1–3 cup teapots.

  • Tea Infuser (2½" Mesh Ball)

    Tea Infuser (2½" Mesh Ball)


    A 2½" tea ball with just enough room for one scoop of tea. Has a clasp closure and a clip to attach the chain to the side of your mug.

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  • Paris Tea Strainer

    Paris Tea Strainer


    A stainless steel mesh tea strainer, perfect for a single mug. Fits 2.5" to 4" openings.

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  • Matcha Whisk

    Matcha Whisk


    Also known as a chasen, this bamboo whisk has 70–80 prongs to ensure your matcha blends perfectly, for a smooth, creamy consistency with light foam.

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  • Darjeeling Tea Strainer

    Darjeeling Tea Strainer


    Maximize your steep by putting your loose leaf directly in the teapot, and pouring over this Darjeeling Tea Strainer to keep the leaves out of your cup. The stainless steel mesh strainer is 2.5" wide, with a 2" long decorative teapot handle.

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  • Tea Measures


    Whether you're brewing a cup for yourself or a pot for company, these stainless steel tea measures will ensure you get a deliciously flavourful brew every time. The 1 Cup scoop is perfect for a personal mug of tea (≈250ml), while the 1 Pot scoop is better suited for teapots (≈550ml). 

  • Stump Teapot


    A ceramic teapot that holds 530ml, it comes with an extra-fine stainless steel infuser, perfect for brewing all types and grades of tea. Dishwasher-safe.

  • Whisk Stand


    Rather than standing your chasen on its end, this ceramic holder can keep your whisk safe and secure from breakage while also ensuring it keeps its shape.

  • Drift Magazine


    Drift is a print magazine about coffee, the people who drink it, and the cities they inhabit. Beautifully designed, it that captures a glimpse of what it’s like to drink coffee in a city at the time the magazine is printed. Each issue highlights a different city.