• Chasaku Matcha ScoopChasaku Matcha Scoop

    Chasaku Matcha Scoop


    for making matcha the traditional Japanese way. bamboo. 18.5cm in length

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  • Matcha WhiskMatcha Whisk

    Matcha Whisk


    The daily practice of drinking matcha grounds us and encourages us to stay humble. A matcha whisk, also known as a “chasen,” ensures you achieve a smooth, creamy consistency with a light foam in the comfort of your own home. Each matcha whisk has 70-80 prongs to ensure proper oxygenation during mixing.  Rinse off residual matcha under warm water and let dry naturally.  Material: bamboo Origin: China

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  • Whisk Stand

    Whisk Stand


    Rather than standing your chasen on its end, this ceramic holder can keep your whisk safe and secure from breakage while also ensuring it keeps its shape.

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